Play the Long Game

January is a time when many jump on the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon. I’ll admit I’ve done it, too. But, to be honest, I have my doubts about those pesky resolutions. Why? They never seem to work out for me. It’s a lot of pressure and expectation and if you let yourself down even once (becausee we all know it’s going to happen. None of us are perfect,) it’s like you failed. And failure shouldn’t be an option. 

Playing the long game? This is a smarter option.

When you play the long game you see the big picture. You understand that there will be success. And you understand there will be failure. Both are ok and expected. When you play the long game and have success you cheer yourself on, feel proud and keep going. You post that picture on Instagram and share it with the world.

When you play the long game and fail you don’t throw yourself a pity party and eat an entire chocolate cake. This is not the picture you want to post on Instagram. Trust me. You put the cake down and wipe away the crumbs. 

And you start over. 

Because this game isn’t over by a long shot and there is much more work to be done. 

This is what we should all be focusing on right now as we head into 2019. (Kinda smart of us to pick it as our Jan theme, eh?) We are only just beginning our 99 Walks journey as we head into 2019 and even if you’ve failed already, today is a great day to start over and come walk with us.