3 Gratitude Seeking Photography Challenges

It’s no secret I LOVE photography. I picked up a camera because I wanted to take those professional level crisp, clear, bright, “perfect” photos of my family.

I quickly learned life as a busy mom is in a word....exhausting and less than perfect.

Moms are overwhelmed, stressed, worried that we're not living up to our own high expectations. Not to mention we’re bombarded daily with a Facebook feed of photos with everyone else's highlight reel.

After hearing from too many moms that they too were striving for images of perfection that just weren't attainable, I decided to do something about it.

Instead of trying take perfect photos, I shifted to using a camera to seek out joy, gratitude, and appreciation even on the hardest days. Today is your invitation to do the same. I encourage you to pick up a camera (any camera!) and journey down a path of being more mindful and seeing life with deeper appreciation.

It's time to capture more of what matters and a create a live you love.


Let's get snapping!

1) Word Hunt

When I’m feeling un grounding I like to choose one word mantras to support my mindfulness practice. Calm. Peace. Inspire. Light. Shine. But have you ever thought about expressing a word in a picture? Can you go on a walk around your home or neighborhood and find the letters that make your special one word mantra? It can be a challenge, but one that gets you up and moving. Plus it’s one that can make a beautiful work of art for your home if you succeed.

2) Color Inspiration

Is there a specific color that brings you a bit of comfort or happiness? Why not head out on a walk and photograph all the places you find that color. Just like the Word Hunt, this would be a great project to use as an opportunity to print or display. Every time you why by “your color” it will bring you back those feelings of comfort and happiness.

3) 100 Steps

When all else fails and I simply don’t have the mental energy for word or colors this is my go to photography practice. I choose a starting point (my front door, my bedroom, the swings at the local park) and I walk 100 steps. I count it out in my head and keep on going until I get all the way there. At 100, I stop. Unable to move I force myself to photograph. I must find beauty in that place, wherever I’ve been led. It’s the perfect mirror for our moods, because no matter where life takes you there is always a way to shift your perspective and make something beautiful in what may feel like a mess.


Beryl Young was never a person who carried a camera with her wherever she went. But she fell in love with photography in 2009 as a way to document the exciting time of becoming a mom. As a former elementary school teacher, her true calling is helping people. She followed that passion for photography and love of teaching to develop the "Momtography Method" for fostering confidence from behind the lens of a camera. Now 10 years later, she's helped thousands of moms around the world use their creative energy to capture what matters and create a life they love using photography as a guide!