Let's all eat a little better this week, shall we?

March 14 can be written as 3.14 or Pi -- the mathematical constant of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and a magic number in the math world. So March 14 is often called “Pi Day.” To celebrate, I ate apple pie for breakfast. Then I ate a little more for lunch because, well, because it was there and it was delicious. Dinner was a big plate of spaghetti.

It is time to get back on track. But changing your eating habits, improving your nutrition and losing some weight along the way isn’t easy. Let’s start with small changes. Here are five ways we can all eat a little better this week.

  1. Do not start your day with crap. Apple pie for breakfast? No good. Egg whites with spinach and a handful of black beans or a shake with kale, spinach, protein powder and half a banana? Good. Decide right now what you are going to eat for breakfast each morning for the rest this of the week.

  2. Eat an apple a day. Seems grandma was right. Apples have been shown to reduce your risk of diseases like diabetes and cancer and help promote weight loss. Identify the time of day you are most likely to reach for something crappy and commit to eating an apple instead. If you still want that bag of chips after the apple, go for it. But chances are you won’t.

  3. One plate. Going back for seconds is the death of your good nutrition intentions. Fill a mindful, reasonable plate. Eat it. Stop there.

  4. Keep it out. Get the crap out of your house. No ice cream, no cookies. Now I’d never suggest you swear off ice cream forever, I’m just saying that it should be harder to get than by walking into kitchen, grabbing a spoon and opening the freezer. Make crappy food harder to get.

  5. More water, less everything else. Make your water bottle your friend. Fill it will cool, clean water a few times a day. Drink it and say no thank you to soda, juice and other empty calories. Just say no.

We all have room to improve our diets. Nope, it’s not easy. So let’s start with this week and these five things.