Gratitude that Pops

How you show gratitude is not near as important as doing something.


At the moment I am a little partial to the sticks of dynamite we made out of paper towel rolls and then stuffed for wait staff at a local restaurant. But, your gesture should be a reflection of you and the way you shine.

Your expression of gratitude could come in the form of a quote or bible verse,

flowers from the garden you tend,

warm cookies from your oven,

a card made by hand,

or undivided attention next time the two of you are visiting.

HOS Dynamite 2.jpg

The truth is, communities are nicer, warmer places when each of us thinks about all the people we come in contact with on a daily basis and then decides to thank even just one of them. 

So, who will it be for you? And how will you use your talents and gifts to do it?

Dr. Claudia K. Beeny is the Founder and Executive Director of House of Shine.

An experienced educator, Claudia holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Higher Education/Higher Education Administration, and a Master of Education in College Student Counseling and Personnel Services, from The University of Georgia. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in History from Arizona State University.

The seed for House of Shine was planted in 2007, when Claudia started a blog called Highlowaha, in which she shared one creative idea a day, never repeating the same idea twice. The blog’s readership grew, and she eventually launched a website, hired staff, and began creating curriculum and hosting workshops on a regular basis. Today, House of Shine has become an ambitious non-profit organization that strives to help women and children discover their innate talents and gifts and use them to shine.