The Change-One-Thing Challenge

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What is your kryptonite? What is the one thing that you do that regularly that you know you shouldn't? Something that is self-defeating or self-sabotaging your fitness, your wellness, your health or your happiness?

Do you drink soda for breakfast? Finish your kids' mac & cheese? Skip your walks when you feel low on energy? Get distracted by your phone? Maybe it is too much wine, coffee or chocolate. Maybe you don’t make your bed, leave dishes in the sink or skip your morning meditation when you’re "not in the mood.”

This week, we are challenging you each to identify just one thing that you are doing that is sabotaging your fitness, wellness, health or happiness and change it for just one week.

Just one thing. Just one week.

Let's do this.

Challenge Tips

In order to be successful in this challenge, identify your kryptonite and then make a specific plan to conquer it this week. .

For example, if your kryptonite is fitness related, schedule a specific time each day to lace up your sneakers and take a 30 minute walk. Need a reminder about why walking is so important? Check out 10 Reasons Why Walking is Good for Your Health.

If your kryptonite is food related, plan out your meals, drinks and snacks for the day, and eliminate the mindless eating and unhealthy choices. Start your day with a big glass of water and buy yourself some healthy snacks. You can do it!

If your kryptonite is a specific distraction, such as playing on your phone or binging on Netflix, make a deal with yourself. Get everything else on your list done first (including taking your daily walk!) and then reward yourself afterwards. But set a timer first.