Have a Me Day. Okay, How 'Bout a Me Morning?

When was the last time you did something nice for your kids? No, really, take a moment and think about it. Did you make them pancakes for breakfast, or call them in for an ice pop? Make their beds? Plan a playdate so that they could see their friends? Take them to the playground so they could run around and have fun? Take them to the pool or the splash pad? Read them an extra bedtime story? Take them out for ice cream?

Okay now, when was the last time you did something nice for yourself? When did you last take the time to cook yourself a healthy breakfast, pack yourself a great lunch, make a date with a girlfriend, read a good book or do something active and fun (I’m thinking tennis with a friend, take a long walk, hit the gym, take a Zumba class ... you get the idea).

And now I ask you: why do we take such good care of our families while we treat ourselves like an afterthought? Don’t we know -- intellectually at least -- that a happy mama is a better mama? Don’t we know that keeping our physical, mental and emotional self healthy and strong is best not just for ourselves but for our families? Don’t we know we deserve it?

Oh, wait, you need a reminder? Got it. Here goes: You are an important, gorgeous, smart, giving person who deserves great things. You are entitled to take time for yourself. You will be a more effective parent when you are strong and your needs are met. And YOU need to take the initiative to do those things for yourself. Your kids won’t do it. Your partner won’t do it. You must take responsibility for doing something nice for yourself.