Baby, It's Hot Out There: 5 Tips for Summer Walking

When we launched 99 Walks in January, we were concerned that people weren’t going to be up for walking in the cold. But we’ve heard from so many members that walking in the heat of summer is the real challenge. But hot weather is no excuse to sit home! Read on for our five tips for summer walking.

  1. Go Early, Go Late.

    I know, I know, this one seems really obvious, but we just have to say it. The sun comes up earlier in the summer and so should you. Set your alarm, pull on your walking clothes and head out of the door before you even have a chance to talk yourself out of it. Or skip Netflix and walk after dinner.

  2. Drink Up.

    You need more water in the summer and even more if you are walking in the heat. Drink up. Drink before you get thirsty, drink throughout the day and, if you are walking for more than 20 minutes, bring water with you to drink along the way.

  3. Embrace the Glow

    Yup, you are going to glow more in the summer -- and by glow, we mean sweat and we are all about it. As long as you are adequately hydrated, sweating helps to detoxify your body, unclog your pores and some research suggests that more sweat means more endorphins.

  4. Never Forget the Sunscreen and Glasses

    Did you know that eyelids are a common location for skin cancer? So lather on the sunscreen and pop on the oversized, Hollywood sunglasses (polarized of course) before you head out for summer walks. Actually, do those two things any time you head out for any walk.

  5. Hit the Mall

    We get it, sometimes, the heat is just too much. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon your walking habit. Take it inside, to an indoor track or join the ladies who are mall-walking. Get your miles in however you need to do it.