Flash Challenges

Each month the team at 99 Walks brings in an expert to lead a small flash challenge just for our members, to be completed in just one week. Each one is designed to improve your fitness, your wellness, your health, or your happiness.

Past challenges have included a no-sugar week, a gratitude week, and a change-one-thing week.


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OCTOBER 14-18, 2019



It's no secret that living life as a busy mom is in a word....exhausting. Overwhelmed, stressed, worried that we're not living up to our own high expectations. Not to mention a Facebook feed of photos with everyone else's highlight reel. After hearing from too many moms that they were striving for images of perfection that just weren't attainable, I decided to do something about it.

The "Feel Good Photo Challenge" is a 5 day photo exploration aimed at instilling connection, creativity, and confidence in the hearts of women and moms. This week while you walk, you'll be encouraged to pick up a camera (any camera!) and journey down a path of being more mindful and seeing life with deeper appreciation. It's time to capture more of what matters and a create a live you love.

Ready? Let's get snapping!


Beryl Young was never a person who carried a camera with her wherever she went. But she fell in love with photography in 2009 as a way to document the exciting time of becoming a mom. As a former elementary school teacher, her true calling is helping people. She followed that passion for photography and love of teaching to develop the "Momtography Method" for fostering confidence from behind the lens of a camera. Now 10 years later, she's helped thousands of moms around the world use their creative energy to capture what matters and create a life they love using photography as a guide!