Discover the way hundreds of women are getting fitter, losing weight and earning their wearable inspiration!

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99 Walks is the amazing wellness system where there are two rewards...first, the jewelry that can't be bought, only earned, and second, how awesome you'll feel when you achieve your goals! What are you waiting for? Join the fun today!

We know you've tried to improve your health before, maybe at the gym, or with a new diet. We also know how hard it can be to change habits. By taking the simple and fun act of walking and giving you all the tools you need to succeed, we've helped hundreds of women just like you, in just a few months! 

The way it works is simple. Each month you set a goal to walk a certain distance. Your 99 Walks App makes it easy to track, the audio classes and podcasts make the time fly by, and other members of the community support you every step of the way. And, when you achieve your goal, you'll get an elegant bracelet or necklace as a reward for your success!

What do I get?

  • Daily walking classes, walking meditations, entertaining and educational podcasts and more!

  • An awesome app to enable you to track your walks and connect with your team. Connect with other moms and walk in person, or create a virtual team where you walk when you want, at your pace and then share your results with your pack.

  • A welcoming community to support you. In the app or in our exclusive Facebook Group, you’ll connect with others just like you!

  • Wearable inspiration, that’s the fabulous piece of jewelry inscribed with the month's theme.


There are so many reasons trying 99 Walks will be the best decision you ever made for your wellness, your family and your life!

Walking is magic for moms. Walking can improve your cardiovascular health, reduce your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and several types of cancer, support weight loss, add years to your life, fuel your creativity, reduce your risk of dementia, improve your mood and help fight depression. Yup, all of that. And more.

Here’s what other members just like you have to say about 99 Walks and how it’s helping them achieve their goals…whatever they are!

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