99 Walks is starting a movement.

To get 1,000,000 moms moving. Together.
And we want you to lead them.


99 Walks is searching the world for the perfect walking class instructors to join our team.

What makes us special?

99 Walks is a movement to create community, improve wellness and inspire happiness through the simple act of walking together. We walk in packs. We walk on the phone with each other. We walk in parks, on trails, in malls, along suburban sidewalks and down city streets. We walk while our kids nap in their strollers and we walk early in the morning as the sun comes up.

And we walk together in virtual walking classes. That’s where you come in.

If you have a love of fitness, a big personality, experience leading group fitness classes, a desire to learn and grow, a passion for inspiring others and at least one fitness certification or accreditation, read on.


about the gig

Our instructors lead weekly 30-minute walking classes and 15-minute walking meditations. Right now, the classes are recorded, though in the coming months, we will be offering both live and recorded classes (don’t worry, as long as you have a computer and Bluetooth headphones, we’ll walk you through the logistics).

We encourage you to bring your unique personality, your style, your inspiration.

You will be responsible for creating your own playlists from our approved and licensed music source.

Compensation is $35/class. Currently, we are looking for two instructors to cover three classes per week.


sound interesting?

If inspiring women to get up, get together and get out gives you that little flicker of excitement in your belly, if you have a couple of hours a week and if you want to be part of something very, very special, we want to hear from you.

If we feel you might be a fit for the 99 Walks instructor team, we will follow up with the details on how to create and submit your audition recording.

And if you have questions, please email our Pack Leader.

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