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Walk 33 Miles This Month, at your pace, to earn the September Necklace: “BE BOLD”.


Join hundreds of other women that have made meaningful changes in their lives with 99 Walks.

The challenge is simple.

1. Commit. Walk 33 miles in a month (or set your own goal.)

2. Connect. The 99 Walks Community is ready and waiting to cheer you on.

3. Conquer. Hit your goal and earn a gorgeous necklace.

Your membership provides all the tools you need, including our walk tracker app*, walking classes, team support and a welcoming and motivational community like no other.

You can do this!

*Available now on iOS. Android coming in September.

membership options

Month-to-Month: Monthly renewing membership. $16/month. Our easiest sign up method. No commitment, cancel at any time, really. If 99 Walks isn’t for you just cancel at any time.

Three-Month Subscription: Three-month renewing quarterly membership. Just $45 for three-months and get the exclusive bonus 4 piece of wearable inspiration jewelry! Save $3 and get $100 worth of gorgeous custom jewelry!

Annual Subscription: Ready to see some amazing results!?! Walk your way to better with an annual membership that earns monthly inspiration rewards as well as bonus jewelry every 3 months. Just $99/year and you’ll get $300 in jewelry! We probably won’t be able to offer this for much longer. This is a huge value!

Choose “Create Account” below to get started. You’ll be healthier, happier, bling-ier and glad you did!