What is my walking goal for the month?

That’s up to you! Most members aim for 33 miles per month, which is just over one mile per day. But more is great and, if you’re just starting out, less is okay, too! Our minimum is 25 miles per month.

How do I submit my miles?

If you use our app, you won’t need to submit your miles. If not, use THIS FORM to submit your miles. We do not verify your miles. This is for you and we want you to set the expectation to not cheat yourself out of your goals.

Nope! We make it super easy to continue your progress with a recurring monthly subscription. If at any time you’d like to cancel, simply go to your member account and select cancel. Your membership will be active until the end of your billing period. Note that if you cancel before you have submitted your miles for the month, you will not be eligible to receive your wearable inspiration.

Do I need to sign up again each month?