why a team?

At 99 Walks, we encourage everyone to complete the challenge with a team. Why? It’s simple! Because:

  • Women who walk together are happier and less lonely.

  • Women who walk together motivate each other to keep going.

  • Accountability to a team is real and motivating.

how do I get a team?

You can create a team with women in your neighborhood, or a virtual team with friends across the country.


  • Your college roommates

  • Your high school bestie

  • Friends who have moved away

  • Family members who don’t live nearby

  • The neighborhood moms you talk to at the bus stop and want to get together with more often

  • Your co-workers, so you can walk and talk during your lunch break

  • Your book club crew (walk and talk about what you’re reading!)

You can also use the 99 Walks Facebook group to make a team with other women just like you who are taking the challenge.

using the app? Here’s how to connect your team

already have a team? USE thESE tips for success.

FIRST, set your team goal.

NEXT, choose a team name and tell us what it is by emailing

THIRD, start walking together, either in person or virtually.

Worried about what to talk about when you walk together? Don't be. Based on what we’ve seen in our Facebook community, it is clear you are all a friendly bunch, but here are 5 really fun conversations starters in case you need them. 

  1. Where did you go last weekend? What did you do?

  2. What did you do on your last vacation?

  3. What’s the best show currently on TV?

  4. What was the last book you read?

  5. If you had $10 million, would you still be working?

FINALLY, submit your miles! Use this form to tell us after you’ve reached your goal. (App users: you don’t need to complete this form because we’ll already know!)

meet the teams

Did we mention that every team gets a custom logo? Here are a few from this month’s challenge. Choose your team name and email it to so we can design your team logo!