audio classes
that make walking fun! 


walking is magic for moms

There are so many health benefits. Walking improves your mood, fuels your creativity, reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and dementia. And walking can help you lose weight. 


like a class & podcast in one

99 Walks classes’ are so much more. Our expert coaches, Joyce, Jillie, Eric & Jenny will guide, inspire and entertain you with tips, insights, life-hacks and inspiration to help you become the best you. All while you are walking your way to better.

“It’s like a motivational podcast and walking class in one!” – Megan B.


so much more

You get so much more with 99 Walks!

  1. Achieve your walking goal and get beautiful inspirational Jewelry.

  2. Join our Facebook group of supportive positive women.

  3. Be part of a walking team that will help you crush your goals together.

Here’s what other members just like you have to say about 99 Walks and how it’s helping them achieve their goals…whatever they are!

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*The free two week trial starts once you sign up. You will be billed $16 per month 14 days after your trial starts, cancel at any time during the trial. Only paid members will be eligible for their awesome wearable inspiration at the end of the month.