Are you ready to start on a path to a happier, fitter life?

You’ve come to the right place.

Imagine carving out 30 minutes a day for yourself! Getting outside in the fresh air, experiencing nature and moving your body. Imagine sharing this with a friend or two, bonding, sharing and finding more energy than you thought possible.

I know you’re thinking “sounds delightful”. If you’re reading this, chances are you are hoping to create a walking habit to improve your fitness and maybe lose some weight and connect with other moms like you. Whether you are already walking a few miles a week, or just considering getting started, you’ve taken a step. You’ve visited us to learn more. Welcome!

Through more than a decade running Macaroni Kid — a company dedicated to empowering moms and enriching communities — I’ve learned two things. First, we all crave connection with other moms. Second, we all want to get in better shape. That’s why I started 99 Walks as a place for us to connect and make walking fun and part of our lifestyle. Because walking together is magic for moms. As Kelly said “I walked with my team today and it was such a mood booster for me!”

I believe we’ve discovered the secret to helping you make the changes you are hoping for. Creating community and support, and keeping it simple. We’ve started with a month-long walking challenge. Just set your personal goal and walk. Anyone can do that!

Well, yes and no. With the right support, a team with them and behind them, yes, we’ve found anyone can do it. Without a team, a goal and community, more than half will fail. That’s why we’re here.

And if you can do one month, you can do two and three and before you know it you are well on your way to being your best self. All you have to do is say “I’m in”. I hope you will, and I hope you’ll join us.

I’m super passionate about this community. From my videos, our private Facebook group, podcasts and live calls while we walk, I’m all in.

Thanks for taking the time to read about 99 Walks. Keep reading below to learn more, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions by emailing Joyce@99walks.com. I look forward to hearing from you!




How will 99 Walks make you a more confident, balanced and happier mom?

1. You’ll have a goal and a reward, each month members receive their wearable inspiration, their 99 Walks bracelet, a reminder of the goal they set and achieved.

2. You’ll be part of a group. Even if you are walking alone, you’ll have the support of the 99 Walks community. Even in our Facebook group. There’s no negativity involved. It’s all about you and success.

3. Tips and tactics from Joyce and the team. Each month has a theme to help you on the path to success. And each day you’ll receive tips for staying on track. For finding the the next level inside of you. From emails and videos, to articles and more, you’ll learn how to put all the insight to use.

4. Have a question? We’ll answer it with a real person with a real answer. And if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you.

5. Access to the 99 Walks Private Facebook community of like-minded women who are generous of spirit and knowledge and looking to make connections as well.


“Not only have I lost almost 15lbs since I started 99 Walks, But I can feel my mental health and stamina have improved dramatically.”


“99 walks has been so great for me!  During the last two years at kids soccer practices I started staying in the car making excuses (worked all day, too hot, too cold, etc.), or spend money at Target since it is only 5 minutes from the practice fields, or sitting around talking to other parents.

Since 99 Walks, I’ve walked the entire time kids are practicing and averaging 3 miles each evening 3 times a week! And one day I started feeling cranky and moody and realized, I usually am walking at this time.  I put on my shoes, put away the computer and phone, and walked 2.5 miles in my neighborhood.  I felt great!”


“Never have I laid out my walking clothes where I could see them (and they taunt me until I walk). Never have I so looked forward to a walk. I joined for the coaching, the community, the inspiration, and the ideas. And you guys are delivering that ten-fold. (The awesome bracelets are a bonus.)”


 “I am proud of myself, and thankful for 99 Walks! In spite of joining a week into February, and being involved in a car accident a week and a half later, I completed my 33 miles! It wasn't easy, but I was determined. I am so appreciative of the accountability and motivation 99 walks provided. On the cold and snowy days, and the I'd-rather-not days, I found satisfaction in increasing my total number toward that precious 33, and doing something that would be healthful. I also am thankful for a husband who cheered me on, and for the discovery of some cool places in my town and elsewhere for walking.” 


“All month, I kept saying don’t give up because I’m “playing the long game” — the month’s theme really helped me!”


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When Comparing 99 Walks

Comparing 99 Walks to other options you would needs to receive similar support.

Personal Coach $90+/hr

Local 5K Walk $25 Each

Gym Membership $50 a month

The 99 Walks monthly challenge is just $16.


99 Walks is for women of all ages and abilities, and our focus is on moms. You’ll walk at your own pace, so there’s no competition, just support. 99 Walks is for you!

Right now! We can add you to the upcoming month’s challenge, and you can get all the help, support and fun starting now. Don’t let another month go by! It’s going to pass, find yourself 30 days from now feeling that much better!


The experience and brain of Joyce Shulman, mom, entrepreneur, lawyer and certified fitness trainer. Joyce has literally walked the walk and has tips from her experience. Plus she’s a research and knowledge junkie and is always on top of the latest.


It’s simple, set a personal goal to walk a specific number of miles for the month, and we’ll provide plenty of support. Use our free app to track your miles, crush your goal and you’ll receive your wearable inspiration!


Each challenge is only $16, for content, support, community, your bracelet (a $25 value) and more. Sign up for 3 months and it’s just $45.


That’s up to you! Walking a mile takes about 20 minutes. How much time you put in is your choice!


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Join today. This month is going to come and go. You can either start next month in the exact same place you are right now…or you can start next month having walked 33 miles, learned about being the best you can be, met new women who share your goals, and much much more. All it takes is one click to take that first step.