Get Walking for a Healthier Happier Life!

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Join the JUNE Challenge and Accelerate!

(and earn this gorgeous bracelet!)

  • Bring your team: Gather your gal pals near and far to walk together with you. We recommend a team of at least 3 but the sky's the limit and the more the merrier. CLICK HERE for some suggestions on building your team.

  • Go solo: Hey, we get it. Sometimes a little time just for you is needed. So if you choose to go solo, that's fine with us. 

No matter what you choose remember that we have our Facebook community to support you, as well as Community Walks and Walking Classes so you never ever have to walk alone! Just select your option on the registration form.

  • One Month Challenge- JUNE

  • Automatic walk tracking on the new iOS app

  • Daily Inspirational email or text

  • Support of the 99 Walks community

  • Bracelet when you complete the challenge

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