Join a Community Team

We love when people create their own teams, but we also know that finding friends to walk with can be hard.

At 99 Walks, we encourage everyone to complete the challenge with a team. Why? It’s simple! Because:

  • Women who walk together are happier and less lonely.

  • Women who walk together motivate each other to keep going.

  • Accountability to a team is real and motivating.

That is why we have created several public community teams that anyone is welcome to join. Simply pick the team you want to join and let us know that team name when you sign up

Special Needs Moms (1).png

Special Needs Moms

We know that special needs families love to connect and we’ve created this group with that in mind.

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Working Walkers

Working outside of you home means getting creative with time to walk. Join this accountability team to keep you going.

Let's Go Lunchtime.png

Let’s Go Lunchtime

Sometimes the only time you have to get your mile in is at lunchtime. This team tends to be more active mid-day.


I like to Lose it, lose it

Are you walking to lose a few pounds? This group is all about walking with weight loss in mind!

Night Owls (2).png

Night Owls

Sometimes the best time to get stuff done is at night and that includes walking. This team tends to be more active in the evenings and late at night!


Michigan Walkers

Calling all the Michigan walkers! This team is for you.

East Coast Walkers.png

East Coast Walkers

Call those those east coast walkers. Join this team to connect with people in the eastern time zone.


Dog Moms

Is your best walking friend your dog? So is ours!

team logos for february (3).png

Moms of Teens

Teenagers… Let’s walk and talk about the drama and dealings of living with teens.


MK Publisher Moms

Calling all Macaroni Kid publishers, this team is for you!

team logos for february (2).png

Mom of College-bound Kids

Kids. They just grow up so fast. We’re on the fast track to empty nesting now!

Southern Steppers (2).png

Southern Steppers

Hey y’all. Put down that glass of sweet tea and lace up your tennis shoes. Let’s put a little southern sass in our steps!


Team Explorers

Are you exploring new places to walk? Dora better hold on to her backpack, we’ve got exploring to do! This team is for you!


Have a team and ready to get started?