A community of women
Improving Wellness & Inspiring Happiness
through the simple act of walking together.

  • Inspirational exercise classes, podcasts, meditation and workout music to keep you going.

  • Monthly rewards for reaching your walking goals.

  • Join with friends or make new friends to keep you motivated.


How it Works


Join on the site and download the 99 Walks app.


Get out there and walk! The app tracks your distance and even gives you classes, workout music, meditation and podcasts to keep you motivated!


Crush your goal and earn a gorgeous piece of “wearable inspiration,” exclusive, hand-stamped jewelery with the month’s theme.

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Why 99 Walks?

99 Walks mission is to get women up and moving together.

Macaroni Kid recently conducted a survey of 2,300 women and moms.

It found that 73 percent of those surveyed are lonely.

Meanwhile, 89 percent wanted to lose weight, and 90 percent wanted to improve their fitness.

The flip side of that is that women who say they usually walk with friends were two and a half times less likely to be lonely. So, it kind of led us to the conclusion that walking is magic for moms.

99 Walks is a monthly walking challenge that inspires you to get up, get moving, and crush your walking goals. We’ll welcome you into our supportive community, provide inspiration and encouragement, and reward you with your choice of gorgeous, wearable inspiration. And the cost is just $16/month.


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The November Challenge


The theme of our November Challenge is Thankful & Grateful.

For November, we will focus on being Thankful & Grateful for what we have and what we can do.

Crush your goal and earn a gorgeous, hand-stamped silver bracelet stamped with the month’ theme.


99 walks app features


walk tracker

We’ll track the distance of every walk you take, so you’ll always know how far you’ve gone.


Choose your motivation

Choose an exercise class, podcast or even meditation.


pick your tunes

Music integrates with all other aspects of the app, so you can listen while you walk.


share with your team

Walk toward your monthly goal with your teammates.

Download the app for iOS or Android.


“There are tons of ways to track miles, but I like this one because of the extra motivation the app provides to get out and walk. A tracker won’t work if you’re sitting on the couch!”


Beth B.
Seattle, WA

“The walking classes give me extra motivation. Accurately tracks my miles and I love the wearable inspiration!”


Madison W.
Arlington, TX

“I ended up doing over 3 miles the first time — it was great, it just flew by. I feel so much better when I do it, I feel like it makes me a better mom.”


Amy B.
Jackson, MS



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