We Are Ready. Are You?


Vision: We seek nothing less than to change the world by forging connections among millions of women and harnessing those connections to encourage health, wellness and happiness through the simple act of walking together.

Mission: To create community, inspire wellness and make people happier.

Values: We have a lot of values. 99 to be exact. See them HERE.

meet the team

We believe that we were meant to live in community. We believe in the power of movement. We believe that connection is key. We believe in the restorative power of being in nature.

And we know that the simple act of walking together can change a life.


Joyce Shulman,
Fast Walker, Pack leader

It is my honor to lead the 99 Walks community and help to inspire change and bring happiness. What does that mean exactly? I’ve thought a lot about that. I think it entails sharing authentic stories that will educate and inspire you, connecting with the community by listening, talking and showing up. It means leading by example and sharing with each and every one of you my genuine desire to see you lead a happier, fitter and more connected life.


Eric Cohen
Co-Founder and Business Development


Mary Shoemaker
Director of Operations


Jamie Clark
Director of Community


Megan Barnes
Director of Product


Jess Newcomer
Social Media Manager