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What is the 99 Walks Monthly Challenge?

99 Walks is designed for women of every age, ability and location. Each month, you’ll set your personal goal and walk as part of a team with women in your neighborhood or virtually across the county — or choose to go solo and crush the miles on your own.

Do I have to walk?

Well, walking is kind of our thing so our challenges are designed with walking in mind.

do my daily steps count?

Here at 99 Walks, we only count walks, not steps.

A walk is when you take some measure of time -- be it fifteen minutes or fifty minutes -- to step away from your computer, work, laundry, dishes and social media. Sure, you can take company … a dog, a friend or a stroller. You can walk on a trail, a sidewalk or around the mall. What matters is the intention. “I am going to go for a walk.”

Learn more here.

how many miles do I have to walk?

That’s up to you! We recommend that each person walks 33 miles a month, though more or less is okay, too! Our minimum is 25 miles per person, per month to qualify for the wearable inspiration.

Do miles on a treadmill count?

Of course! Any time you set aside for walking counts towards your monthly goal.

How do I track My walks?

You can down our free app or track your miles in any number of ways. Smartphones, smart watches, and fitness trackers have the ability to help track your distance. You can download our monthly tracking sheet here. Or, use a cute notebook to write down your walks. Whatever method works best for you is most important.

How Do I submit My Miles? Do you Verify Them?

If you use our app, you won’t need to submit your miles. If not, use THIS FORM to submit your miles. We do not verify your miles. This is for you and we want you to set the expectation to not cheat yourself out of your goals.

How long do I have to complete the challenge?

You have one month. The Challenge starts on the first of each month and goes to the last day of the month. If you finish early, way to go! You can cheer on other team members and keep the fun going on the Facebook group!

Things didn’t go as planned and I didn’t complete this month challenge. Now what?

It’s ok! We know life happens and congrats on completing whatever portion of the challenge you could. When you fill out the form at the end of the month to submit your miles completed you can check the box to let us know you didn’t quite get to your goal. Don’t worry, there’s always next month and we hope the bracelet will inspire you to keep walking and doing a little better each day.

How much is it and how do I pay?

The Monthly Challenge is $16, a $45 value.

Your membership includes daily walking classes ($20 value), your wearable inspiration bracelet ($25 value), our app tracker, motivation to keep you moving, and support from our community of like-minded women who are walking their way to better alongside you.

We also have 3 month and 12 month options at reduced cost. Click here to pick your challenge.

Is there a deadline to sign up?

In order to earn the monthly wearable inspiration, make sure you’re signed up by the 12th of the month. After that date, you can still join 99 Walks and will have access all the features, but your challenge will start on the first day of the following month.

What do I get for completing the Challenge?

Each month, we will offer a new piece of “wearable inspiration” as the “prize” for reaching your goals. Keep in mind that the best prize is that you are doing this for you. You are getting up, getting together with friends, and you get going toward better physical and mental health.

Do I need a team to participate?

You don’t! You can choose to go solo to crush the 99 Walks challenge.

How many people can be on a team?

As few or as many as you want! Together, you’ll determine your team goal.

I signed up solo, can I switch to a team?

Of course! We all change our mind sometimes. Any changes need need to be within one week of signing on (or the 10th of each month).

Does my team have to be local?

Nope! Your team can be local friends or long distance friends! Thanks to modern technology, you can walk with your friends virtually anywhere, anytime. You can even choose to schedule calls so that you can walk and chat at the same time.

What happens if Members of My team don’t complete the Challenge?

We get it. Life happens. Sometimes team members can’t meet their goals. It’s ok. As long as you are completing your goal for the month you’re all set. So if you are on a team of 3 you still need to crush your personal miles, even if another team member doesn’t.